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Cape Mohair

“Our investment in Cape Mohair is the example of Section 12J. The production of Mohair is a labour-intensive process providing many South African jobs, especially in rural areas where it’s needed most. An estimated 60 jobs were either saved or created with this investment,” says Neill Hobbs, co-founder and director of Anuva Investments. With access to equity funding, Cape Mohair is able to use this expansion capital to grow and add value in realising its vision in becoming the world’s premium mohair sock manufacturer.

Integrity is our backbone

Integrity is our back bone.

2018 Unaudited Interim Trading Highlights
Capital Raised

(2017: R185,175,786)
Anuva raised R11 073 615 from Class ‘A’ shareholders during the year to date.


(2017: R4,949,975)
R5 739 680 paid to Class ‘A’ shareholders during the year, which resulted in a 4.61% dividend yield. These dividends were declared from prior year reserves.

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