About Anuva Investments

Anuva is a company regulated by the Financial Services Board and registered with the South African Revenue Services as a ‘Venture Capital Company’ in terms of Section 12J of the Income Tax Act. The company has been established to enable taxpayers to take advantage of the generous tax incentives through investing in promising small and medium size business enterprises in the Republic of South Africa by way of subscribing for shares.

Investment Strategy

Our strategy is to identify and invest in already-established small-to-medium sized companies that require capital for growth. Through an effective management intervention and capitalisation process, the target company is expected to return a net profit after tax (NPAT) of 20% on funds invested within a period of three years.


How it works:


Our vision

An extraordinary opportunity to create value by skilfully combining capital with select opportunities under the guidance of our expert team.

Funding Application

Anuva provides businesses with management assistance and additional investment capital to assist companies to get to the next level. For this, Anuva takes a stake in the business and partners with the existing owners giving them access to our network and skills.

Anuva invites companies that require funding capital to contact us for an initial, confidential discussion. This capital is to assist them in expanding, which might also require good management and technical support across a broad array of disciplines.

Thereafter at no cost to yourselves, we could undertake a due diligence assessment of the business: its finances, operations, legal and resourcing.

Proven experience

  • The Anuva team has expertise in identifying, negotiating and managing promising business investment opportunities for the benefit of the investor.
  • The proven expertise of Anuva is a regulated professional organisation, in business restructure and improving performance of owner managed businesses to achieve substantially enhanced returns and increased shareholder value.


A full tax deduction in respect of funds invested in the Company, subject to the provisions of Section 12J, thereby achieving an immediate return of up to 45% for individuals and trusts, and 28% for companies being the reduction in marginal taxes payable on their investment.

Protection of investors interests through regulation and compliance with the Financial Services Board and the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act.
Registered and regularly monitored by SARS.

Annual Financial Statements 2017 | 2016