Anuva Investments looks to secure solar power partnerships to boost their new green energy investment offering

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Everyone is talking about, thinking about and speculating about renewable energy- it is the topic of many a conversation across boardroom tables, farm fences and investment houses.   In South Africa, as Africa’s largest consumer of energy, it is abundantly clear that in order to reduce the country’s over-reliance on coal, the development of renewable energy sources, of which the country has many, is vitally important for the future of our people, our planet, and the economy.

Off the back of recent, sizable capital raises, alternative investment fund management company, Anuva Investments, is looking to collaborate with industry experts and reputable engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partners to fund projects in the agricultural, commercial and industrial, and residential space to supplement their existing solar photovoltaic (PV) project pipeline.   Their current pipeline of Solar PV projects is based in the Western Cape and Northwest Province with assets primarily focused in the agricultural sector, however they will continue to source and secure new technical partners in other sectors.  

“It is a known fact that Africa is blessed with abundant solar energy resources and South Africa is no exception – as such our focus for now is on solar and it is important that we partner with the right people to expand our high-quality solar portfolio,” says Zane de Decker, Chief Investment Officer at Anuva Investments. 

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar PV remains the powerhouse of growth in renewable electricity throughout the world and the Solar PV industry in particular in South Africa is growing steadily.  “Each of our photovoltaic solar projects is part of our strategic imperative to support sustainable industry, reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and increase reliable, affordable power supply for everyone,” says De Decker.

De Decker adds that with SARS encouraging investment into renewable energy via significant tax incentives, funding for qualifying projects will be readily available, as investors seek out the significant tax break.  Furthermore, the development of the renewable energy sector supported by Government has the potential to create more jobs while improving the South African economy.

The IEA projects that global renewable energy capacity will rise more than 60% from 2020 levels by 2026 and account for nearly 95% of all worldwide power capacity growth in that time.  

There is no question renewable energy is the future – it is inexpensive, clean and a hot investment right now. 

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