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Is this for me?

Yes, this is an extraordinary opportunity for ANY South African taxpayer.

Is this a legitimate way to minimise the amount of tax you pay?

Yes, this is set up by SARS in accordance with Section 12J of Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 that was created specifically to encourage taxpayers to invest in small and medium sized enterprises in the Republic of South Africa.

Are there any risks?

Yes, although you save up to 45% in marginal taxes, the underlying investments need to perform adequately for you to realise those savings and additional good growth, as in the case of the Section 12J company Anuva Investments.

Can I independently verify this information?

Yes, you can speak to SARS directly or any senior tax advocate.

Are Anuva's investments risky?

Anuva’s team of experts carefully select opportunities to minimise risk and target good returns for investors. Anuva’s mandate is to choose established cash positive companies, not start-ups, and guide these to success providing good dividend flows and capital growth for investors. Anuva’s investment process is governed by an investment committee to ensure that the investment risk is minimised.

Why trust a company like Anuva with your savings?

There are many reasons to trust Anuva (see below) but primarily, Anuva’s mandate is to return good results while minimising risk.

Why Anuva vs another 12J company?

Anuva is a leading Section 12J company with proven results and an excellent reputation.

Does Anuva have a track record?

Yes, Anuva has a 3-year track record and has raised approximately R196,249,401. Click here  to download the Annual Financial Statements for the year ended 28 February 2017.

Is Anuva delivering good returns?

Yes, in addition to the upfront tax saving, 2017 results show that earnings increased to R861,701 (No change in fair value of investments realized in 2017). Shareholders received an 8% dividend yield and share capital increased to R185,175,786. Currently, the Anuva team targets an 8% dividend yield annually.

What are the costs of investing?

A once off 2% capital raising fee and 2% management fee per annum on capital invested to run and administer the fund. Capital raising fees are waived on dividends reinvested.

Is Anuva transparent?

Yes, Anuva prides itself on being transparent and is the only Section 12J fund that has published its results annually since inception.

Is Anuva compliant with the FSB, and the Section 12J legislation?

Yes, Anuva’s corporate governance is excellent and is regulated by both the FSB (FSB No: 45663) and SARS (VCC No: VCC-0008).

Who governs Anuva?

Anuva is governed by a board of 3 directors:

  • Larry Worthington-Fitnum – FSB recognised Key Individual
  • Neill Hobbs CA (SA) RA – Chartered Accountant CA (SA), Registered Auditor and Senior Business Rescue Practitioner
  • Michael Hainebach – experienced entrepreneur and key individual of iTouch and ViaMedia

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment Anuva has agreed upon is R100,000.

Annual Financial Statements 2016 | 2017